Wracked Tea Blend

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Give yourself the rest you need to recover from nagging coughs.  Wracked Tea Blend is created for dry, spasmodic coughs (we recommend taking before bed only) featuring mullein, valerian root, & passionflower to relax the muscles in your chest and calm your cough. Wracked makes the perfect bedtime pairing with our
Deep Roots Cough Tonic for the daytime!  18-20 servings.


 Net wt 1.5 oz (42 g)

Safety: Not recommended for use in pregnancy, with sleep aids, or blood thinners.

Disclaimer: We do not attempt to diagnose, cure, or treat illnesses, and always encourage you to share any herbal products you're taking with your regular physician. Any suggestions have not been evaluated by the FDA. Please keep a close eye on chest congestion that is difficult to break up- this can take a turn for the worse quickly!  Always follow up with your physician for any illness that isn't resolving.

Ingredients: Inula helenium, Valeriana officinalis,  Althaea officinalis, Passiflora incarnata, Verbascum sinuatum, Plantago major, Trifolium pratense.