Sleep Tight Tincture

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Good sleep is crucial to just about every process in our lives.  Help your body wind down after a long day, wake less often with our blend of relaxing herbs:

| LAVENDER |  Calming, soothing, helpful for frayed nerves and overworked individuals.

| LEMON BALM | Calming, soothing, elevates mood, eases stress. 

| CHAMOMILE | Calming, restorative, eases stress.

| VERVAIN | Calms over active thoughts, calming, tonic, eases anxiety.


2 fl oz in glass bottle with dropper

Ingredients: grain alcohol, Lavandula intermedia, Matricaria recutita, Melissa officinalis, Verbena hastata. 

Safety & Disclaimer: Not recommended for people with allergies to ragweed, or in pregnancy. We do not attempt to diagnose, cure, or treat illnesses, and always encourage you to share any herbal products you're taking with your regular physician. Any suggestions have not been evaluated by the FDA.