Full Moon Magic Candle

Full Moon Magic Candle

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  We've taken organic, vegan ingredients and handcrafted a candle that's as good for you as anything in nature can be.   While most candles just boil down to the fragrance, we've put thought and intention into every component of our candle.

    We started with a creamy white blend of vegan coconut and soy waxes that are ethically harvested from renewable sources.  Then we added 100% all-natural fragrances.  All essential oils, no synthetics or substitutions. Full Moon Magic is a bright & clean blend of bergamot, citrus, and lavender with warm notes of sandalwood, cedarwood and amber.

    Then we selected a very special type of wick: eco-friendly soft-wood wicks rolled into a cylinder that crackles peacefully, and burns in a circular flame. These wicks are all handmade in the USA from certified, sustainable harvested sources.

   In the interest of reusability, we selected a container you'll want to reuse long after your candle has burned it's 72+ hours. Full Moon Magic features a pearl glass with a holographic finish that allows the flame of the candle to shine through.

   As a finishing touch, we've added genuine moonstone crystals to the candle, to amplify the energy of the full moon, and help the relax and release phase of your  rituals. Moonstone aids in visualizing your goals, balancing your emotions, and riding ourselves of negative thoughts.

   Our candles are vegan, gluten-free, toxin free, paraben free, phthalate free, FDA- approved and are ethically sourced.  No animal testing is involved in any of our ingredients.

Net wt: 13.2 oz (370 g)
72+ hr burn time
Ingredients: coconut wax, soy wax, food-grade paraffin wax, mugwort, sage, rosemary, moonstone, essential oil blend.