Star of Bethlehem Essence

Star of Bethlehem Essence

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Let's talk trauma.

Recently, our society has been rife with the after effects of traumas and emotional wounds that have been swept under the rug for.....well,  our entire history.

Enter, Star of Bethlehem.

Traumatic events (like any other emotional activity) takes up residence in the Heart.  The Heart is easily thrown out of balance by conflicts and trauma that have not been resolved, and thus make their effect felt throughout the energetic system of the body.  An imbalance here resonates through the system, and generates a disconnect between the areas of the body ( ie: Heart) and the Psyche. Our usual methods of just boxing those bad memories up and putting them away actually stores them in what could be thought of as a psycho-physical realm of the body. 

Psychologist Andrea Rur shares that a traumatic event can produce these three effects (and more):

  • Disorganization of time-space and/or language
  • Uncontrolled repetition of memories or associated sensations
  • Blocking out the traumatic event

Star of Bethlehem really shines in the memory areas.  When an event is 'forgotten' like this, it's because the brain couldn't assemble it in a way that it could comprehend.  it's a defense mechanism that prevents the memory from working.  It becomes something shapeless and vague.  Star of Bethlehem allows the person to reconnect the Psyche and the Emotions- unblocking if you will.  Unblocking this energy allows a realignment and allows the energy to move out of the body, no longer trapped. Star of Bethlehem provides mental clarity, vitality and inner strength.

We steeped this batch under the waning gibbous moon- the better to work with nature and it's allies to release those things holding you back and no longer serving you.

2 fl oz bottle

Chemical Ingredients: water, grain alcohol

Energetic Ingredients: Ornithogalum dubium